Need a Judge/Course Builder?

Can I help you? 
Show jumping coaching
course building
(see my Taw River Show Jumping website)

I offer Coaching and Riding Assistance for jumping or riding aside
 (on your horse at your premises)

I have many years of riding experience, and I have trained with some of the top riders and trainers, including Geoff Billington, Stephen Hadley and Guy Williams.

I specialise in novice and nervous riders of any age - especially dyslexics! (it can be so frustrating when instructors do not realise that you get left and right muddled up!)

I coach for show jumping and occasionally side saddle.

I hold NVQ horsemastership and animal husbandry; BHS Riding & Road Safety and BHS level 1. SSA level 1 and 2 (I am training for SSA grade 3 and hope to go on to passing my SSA teaching exam)

I am based in North Devon and am willing to travel up to 25 miles radius

e-mail me for details 

Need a judge for your  show?

I am an experienced judge able to oversee most showing classes either ridden or in hand.
I also run my own show jumping shows (Taw River Shoiw Jumping) and I course build

I can also judge unaffiliated show jumping classes

I have been invited to judge  and / or course build at various centres including



Patchetts E.C.
Collette's, R.C.
Woodredon E.C.
Brooke Farm T.C.
Norton Heath E.C.
Basildon Riding Clubs -
Orsett Show
Codden Hill E.C.
various Devon County Shows.
North Devon Show
Coddon EC
Coxleigh Barton EC
Ilfracombe Riding Club

e-mail me for references and further details

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